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Those are all good suggestions. I have a couple more.

Demo the existing slab. Don't take the risk of something happening. Concrete is going for over $60 per yard right now.

Pour a turn down around the perimeter of the slab. You don't want any undermining to occur when it rains. 12" deep x 8" wide would be good.

Use #3 rebar at 16" o.c each way. Center it in the slab with rebar chairs at 48" o.c. each way. Tie the rebar together at each intersection. Wire mesh would be o.k. but for the do-it-yourselfer it usually comes in rolls. Rolled mesh is very difficult to get flat. If you can get flat sheets that would be the way to go.

You want to tie the new slab to your house slab the way that has been mentioned before. Drill holes into the existing slab, 4"-6" embedment should be good. Make sure you have at least 12" of rebar from the face of the existing slab into the new slab. Use epoxy grout to "glue" the rebar into the existing slab.

Cut contractions joints in the new slab. Contraction joints are just scored lines in the surface of the new slab. They help to prevent shrinkage cracks. Keep the new slab wet / moist for as long as you can stand it. The longer it cures the better. Ask for a 3000 psi mix.

Last but not least HIRE A CONTRACTOR!

Concrete work is hard. From the prep work to the finished product, and in this heat . . . . Hire someone to do it and just sit back and play superintendant!!
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