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compact digital camera

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I am looking for a compact digital camera. I have looked at the Nikon Coolpix 5200 and also Canon Digital Elph cameras in particular. I will use it for fishing and hunting pic but it must have a document or copy mode because I want to use it to copy deeds etc at courthouses....I saw a guy doing this and it had never occurred to me. It would be great for my work...and justifiable as a business expense. I read the prior post but again, I really want a small camera. Has anyone bought one of these recently? Thanks.
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I cant say enough good about the cannon cameras, have the elph and the next size up. My wife alwayas has the elph in her purse, on our #4 upgrade of cameras. Just not waterfroof!!!!!!!! there are some that are. the software that comes with the cannon cameras is great!!!! Good Luck, Hotair

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