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When I run Windows Task Manager there are three little boxes at the bottom of the screen display. The first says "Processes: 26". OK, I think I understand in a general sense what that means (that the computer is running 26 different processes or functions).
The middle box says "CPU Usages: (varying number)%". Now that seems obvious as to meaning.
The right hand box says "Commit Charge: (Number varing between 168 and 250 apx)/39". What does that mean? I have absolutely no idea!


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it's a windows thing..LOL
it is the amount of physical memory (your RAM) and the virtual memory that is allowed to run your programs. If you look in the performance tab, you will see three readings; Total-refers to the total amount of physical and virtual memory the computer is using at that moment. Limit-refers to the combined limit of both the physical memory and the allocated virtual memory. And Peak-refers to the highest total system memory usage during the session in which you are using the computer. It will move when you open/close programs.

Here is the actual link. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commit_charge
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