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Columbus/Weimar area

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Two days ago when we thought Ike was coming to Corpus my inlaws left and went to the deer lease between Columbus and Weimar. They decided to stay there in their travel trailer (I know). NO CELL PHONE!!!!!!!

What is the wind expected to be in the Columbus area????
May be driving up Sat. evening.
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redfish bayrat said:
Thanks. The place is really down toward you. Just across from Glasscock's Ranch. Hope all that yupon can break the wind if it gets up.
I know where you are talking about I'll be up for a while so I'll try to keep you updated..
winds still only around 20 mph with a few 35 mph gusts, no rain yet
as of now we still havn't had any rain or winds to talk about ,, winds around 20.. with a few gusts up to 40.......
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