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Fished Thursday night and pulled lines out Friday morning fished the same places, caught seven yellows and 2 blues, nothing big just good eating fish.

Moved to another place on the river was fishing with a couple of friends and my dad. We put out 35 lines, all baited with perch and mud cats, Friday at around 6 pm. Was running back down river after putting out the lines, spot checking some. Had one yellow that was 23 pounds and 2 more that were around 6-8 pounds. Lines were out about 2-3 hours.
Checked lines Sat moring, caught 7 yellows and 5 blues, all yellows were just again good eating fish, biggest about 10 pounds, did not have much bait left, so we just put perch on the bottom hooks of the lines.
Came back Sat evening to bait lines back up again pulled 9 yellow cats off and 6 blues off, one yellow cat went 28 pounds.
Ran lines Sunday morning caught 8 yellows and 3 blues, again yellows nothing very big just right size to eat, one blue went 22 pounds.
We did catch several throw back yellows and had one that was skined from the head back, was still alive, when we checked line it had a big one one and the guy pulled the small yellow out of his mouth when pulling him to the boat, also had one hook straighten. It seems that the best bite was in the day time. Was a fun trip, waiting on river to come back up.
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