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Hop & I fished Friday, Saturday and again Sunday.
Friday the bite turned on at around noon and we left them biting at 2:00. We had 3 reds and a dozen trout on an assortment of colors.
Saturday we fished from 3:00 till dark and managed 1 red and 8 trout.
Today we fished form sunup till noon. The bite was early. We started picking up fish first thing and the bite was steady for about 3 hours. I had 8 and Hop had 5 at around 9:00. Then I went cold and Hop ended up with 11. All we keepers. Most were 16" to 19".
We had 2-20"ers and Hop had 1-23"er. All fish were released. We started off this morning with Day/Glow then switched to pumpkin seed & Chicken.
Here are some pics from today
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