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Hey Guys and Gals! I just got power back and wanted to fill everyone in on something. As all of you know we had a couple technical difficulties with fish at the POC tournament with the transfer of fish to the tag boat. I called one of my sponsors, South Chatham Tackle, and let him know that the University of Texas was doing some amazing work with the guys from Miami and the Tarpon Tomorrow Pro Am and that they needed a little bit of help. He generously sent me a swimming gaff to donate to the University of Texas and the famous crew of "Mrs. Cleo." South Chatham Tackle builds incredible hardware that I cannot break. Dr. Ault and the Hurricanes (not sure I like that mascot anymore), use there swimming gaffs and they work great. Bob has the lowest price around on these things and I think that if we all have one on our boats and the tag boats also have them we will increase our tagging ratio drastically next year. These things are super strong and are made to hold up to bluefin tuna. Here is a picture of mine along with a couple of fish we caught the Friday before the tournament. I hope everyone made it out OK in the storm. Thanks Bob!

Take care, Daniel


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