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Date: 8/13/04

Time: 5:45a-12:30p

Location: Christmas Bay, Churchill Bayou

Weather: Wind blowing hard out of N-NE 10-18 mph

Water: Muddy in Xmas, Blue Green in bayou

Lure: Pumpkin/Chart SA, Liquid Shrimp TTK 2 Jr,

Fish Caught: Two Flounder, Rat Red, Sand Trout, Ribbon Fish

Comments: Launched from Ernie’s early Friday morning. The wind was already kicking’ pretty hard even before sun rise. It took a pretty good effort to make it east across Christmas to the mouth of Churchill. Once in the channel, began looking for some protected water (wasn’t much available). Current was pushing thru the channel pretty fast, bringing with it the pretty water from Cold Pass and SLP. Baitfish activity was steady for most part of morning. There were lots of schooling mullet. I mainly fished a ¼ oz TTK 2 Jr (Liquid Shrimp) arty. I think this is becoming my go-to bait in these waters. First fish landed at 7:42am, 13” flounder. A 15” flounder followed this about 20 minutes later. Moved up the channel a bit further and then caught a rat red along the shoreline. They were tailing pretty good in there. Stayed in this spot about 45 minutes before moving into back marshes. Once back there caught the Ribbonfish. Weird looking fish that is. Mouth of a gator, body of a snake. Finally moved up to near the entrance of Cold Pass. Only managed to catch a Sand trout before the day’s activity died down. The paddle back to Ernie’s was nice. Had the wind at my back Good day to be out on the water overall. The wind began to settle around 12:15p. Water in Xmas was still ugly though. Perhaps Saturday/Sunday it will have cleared by then.

Notes: The weekend should be great if the wind dies down and shifts to east a little bit. The water from access #6 all the way to the turn off to Hwy 288 was green/sandy green. Didn’t see too many surf waders however. Missed what would have been a personal best trout. About 75 yards off into channel saw the monster’s head break the water and toss the lure into the air. All I was able to see was the head, and judging by that alone…she was a beauty! Easy 5+lbs. That’ll teach me to pay better attention.
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