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Wet Salty Shirts

Probably the biggest excitement in June is wade fishing in deep water. With temperatures climbing daily, wading offers anglers no better way to stay cool while fishing. Wading has to be one of the most enjoyable ways of fishing. Like most sports, one can always improve ways to become better at what they do. I want to share my insights about wade fishing, and hopefully you will be able to apply this knowledge to your next wade fishing adventure.

Just the other day, we were lined up shoulder-to-shoulder landing solid fish. A boat was driving pass and noticed our group’s rods bent and fish busting the surface. The passing boat suddenly made an immediate turn and came right for us. Once the boat stopped, everyone jumped out and headed in all directions. So many times I see waders take off like wide receivers in a football game. No strategy, just walk until someone catches fish. The problem with walking in all directions, you take a chance of scaring or scattering bait. Furthermore, walking right over fish and not even realizing you’re doing so. Many wade fishermen get impatient and wade too fast thinking there is always a better spot down the shore.

Let’s discuss wade fishing strategies that have proven to produce more fish. If I had three things I practice more then anything else when wading, it would be, wade shoulder-to-shoulder, always remember a bite stops your wade, and don’t cast a lot while walking. Just like the wide receivers who jumped out of the boat and started casting and walking, we never witnessed anyone get hooked up until one angler started to cast after he stopped walking. Before you decide to start walking, I suggest you marinate the area around you for a long period’s of time. This “long period” of time will be different from one day to another. Once you do began to walk forward or sideways, take small steps and stop. Start marinating the area again with your cast. The other key to success when keeping my group shoulder-to-shoulder, I’m able give more help and instruction to the anglers around me. The bite will also continue for longer periods of time because there is always a lure in front of these fish.

Over the past few trips I have found myself wading areas longer then we should. On many occasions I will decide to wade back through the same spot 2 to 3 times. But, as of late, the wind has taken its toll on the water and scattered the bait. On Saturday, June 12, at 7:45 AM I decided to not wade back through, and made a quick move from our first wade. This first spot only produced 12 trout. The day before, the same spot produced 18 trout by 7:45 AM. So, the bite was defiantly slower. Our second spot had trout green water with dirty water near by. The area also showed signs of nervous bait. Our action broke loose and we ended getting our trout. Knowing when to move or stay has been the key to catching more fish.

Fishing during the month of June has been very gratifying despite heavy showers or strong south winds. While using Norton Mardi Gras or Black Magic, I have averaged 27 trout per session during the past 6 trips. The best bite has taken place either in the first 30 minutes of daylight or from 2:00 PM till 5:00 PM. The time spent between mid mornings till late afternoon has been slower. The majority of the fish we’re catching are in the lower water column. On June 12 customer Doug Bennett caught 5 trout while using a top water lure. Hopefully the top water action will improve. Our bay system still has plenty of fresh water and according to sources; the Guadalupe River has plenty of fresh water heading our way. Don’t get discourage just yet. We have managed to stay on fish day-to-day by someone from the lodge being on the water almost daily. Heck, the past two months have been the most challenging months for weather and fresh water I’ve seen in a longtime.

In closing, it’s my opinion that anglers with the wet salty shirts catch most the fish. There is no doubt that wade fishing is a passion of mine and when done correctly the rewards cannot be matched.



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