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Choke is a long way from Livingston, but maybe some general catfish tips could help. Use the menu button on your depth finder to set the display to pixels, and sensitivity to manuel. Turn the sensitivity level up untill artifact and whatever is down there covers the screen (artifact is noise in the signal). Then back off of the sensitivity untill you can see good return signals for big fish and schools of bait fish. The big fish will be in an eliptical shape, schools of bait will look like clouds. Find a creek or river channel and look for flats about 25' to 12' deep close by. If the fish are not there on the screen, look right on the slope of the channel.
If you find bait in dense balls and big fish signals around the ball of bait, throw out a marker and give them a try.
Catfish on a depth finder screen set this way will usually be very close to the bottom when they are on a bite, fish suspended a few feet from bottom are hard to get to bite.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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