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August 11, 2007
LUTES MARINE on Chocolate Bayou
281 393 1021
$ 30 Entry fee
100% cash payout

From- 5:00am - 4:00pm

Door Prizes will be given out
Heaviest Redfish***
Determined by weight

Redfish must be in the slot (20" - 28")

NO oversized Redfish will be accepted.

Blackjack "REDFISH"***
Determined by length

Fish closest to 21" inches without going over, tail pinched. Redfish must exceed 20"

Heaviest Speckled Trout***
Determined by weight
Trout must exceed 15"

$50 Bonus Flounder

(one payout only )

The more people that fish in the tournament, the more places that will be paid out. One place for every 15 entry's to the tournament per division.

For example, 45 entries' equals 3 places for each division. We are trying to get rewards back in the hands of as many fishermen. Weigh Master has the right to round up entries, to add an additional payout.

Based on three places
First - 50% Second - 30% Third - 20%

Fishing Rules and Regulations

1. Tournament begins Saturday August 11th at 5:00am and ends at 4:00 pm

Everyone must check in the morning of the tournament.
You must be in line, to weigh-in by 4pm sharp.

2. All Texas Parks and Wildlife rules and laws will be enforced.
3. By entering in the tournament you are agreeing to the release form set fourth and cannot hold Lutes Marine liable for damages, injury or death.
4. This is an individual tournament
5. Everyone in your boat must be entered in the tournament.
6. All fish must be taken by Rod and Reel only!
7. Artificial and live bait allowed
8. Any fish that is deemed illegal will result in all the contestants' fish to be disqualified in all categories
9. Boundaries include any location West of the Galveston I-45 Causeway and any body of water East of Christmas and Drum Bay, including Greens Cut, West Bay, Chocolate Bay / Bayou, Halls Bay/ Bayou, San Luis Pass, Cold Pass, Bastrop Bay/ Bayou. Areas not within the fishing area are: East Galveston Bay or adjacent bodies of water, any Jetty Complex, any "Beach front", Surfside, Brazos River, Matagorda and its adjacent bodies of water.
10. An adult must accompany any minor, under the age of sixteen, fishing in the tournament
11. You may not use the same fish in more than one category in the same tournament.
12. You must decide which category you are in before approaching the weigh-in.
13. No pooling fish
14. This is an amateur fishing tournament, Sorry "NO GUIDES" allowed.

For direction and questions call


281 393 1021


fish control my brain
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If you cant make this one but would like to be informed about futures tournaments at Chocolate PM me your email.

If you allready have and are not getting emails, send it to me again.



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hey muddy skipper
capt. rick helped me out and picked up joshes stuff in daytona ,he picked up a new hull in florida so he really helped me out.i will try and be there just need to look fer a partner . tell ur dad hi and slap ole dry dock upside the head for me .i gonna potlick ya all day .

fish control my brain
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safetexas said:
......slap ole dry dock upside the head for me .i gonna potlick ya all day .
Thats classic....

Fishing Logic said:
......Almost hurt my back bringing my stringer to weigh in last time but, I think its better now.
Thats because you have to much lead in there bellies......LOL

Fishing Logic said:
......What about it mudrunner are you in.
I would'nt miss it for the world......
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