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Chicken Dolphin

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My son & I fished offshore Mon.& Tues. Water was great. Hit blue water about 30 Mi. Had a few hits at 40 mi. troling around rigs. Caught about 6 baracudas. Found a couple of trash piles and troled by and caught 1 chicken dolphin. There was tons in there. Tried to cast small fethers but they would only follow them,no fish.
If you fellow fisherman could help I would appreciate it. What do you use to catch the chickens with. We used every feather we had. Any suggestions???
Terry Sr. & Jr.
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me and BigDaddyRiverRat had a guy with us that was caughting them on his trout rod using top water lures. I think the lure was a "top dog".

I have been told that some dead shrimp work as good as anything plus they are cheap.
They are fun to caught but I think next time I get it a mess of them I am not going to keep but a few cause it doesn't seem like much meat for the time it takes to clean them.
there isn't a limit on dolphin. But I would think if there would be limit we would be caughting alot more big dolphin. I was told the reason there isn't a limit is because there life cycle is only about 2 years.
1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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