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Chicken Dolphin

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My son & I fished offshore Mon.& Tues. Water was great. Hit blue water about 30 Mi. Had a few hits at 40 mi. troling around rigs. Caught about 6 baracudas. Found a couple of trash piles and troled by and caught 1 chicken dolphin. There was tons in there. Tried to cast small fethers but they would only follow them,no fish.
If you fellow fisherman could help I would appreciate it. What do you use to catch the chickens with. We used every feather we had. Any suggestions???
Terry Sr. & Jr.
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Last Saturday we hit a patch of weeds out of of Freeport and caught all we wanted. Started out using pieces of cigar minnow. After we got them going we were catching them on bare silver hooks ripped thru the water. When we left them you could hold a piece of bait in the water and they would eat it from your hand. What a blast!!!!!!! My nine year old had a ball.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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