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I'm posting a copy of the post I just made at Aunt Joyce's Place:
I pray that the forecasters who have put Florida in the cone of Hurricane Ivan's path are mistaken! I don't think we can take much more.
For us, personally, the damage was minimal...at least I hope so.
We have asked our landlors over and over to remove the huge ficus tree draping over the back of the house and he's waved us off. Thursday my son Sven climbed up on a ladder and sawed off the branches over his bedroom.
This morning we found a huge branch had crashed through the ceiling of the "garage" where I had many precious things from my younger days stored. It included the Christmas ornaments that I hung on our tree when I was only 8 yrs. old.
I'm going to have to let these things go. That's life. But I haven't weathered this as well as I thought. The power outages were so darned deceiving. It was up-down-up-down for four days. And even that is nothing to complain about.
I was quite ill Saturday and Sunday. And even that is something to be expected. So I really should not complain at all. My family is intact. When we were able to get through to Lakeland my son said that he and the family were doing fine.
But when I think of the people in Central Florida. My God! I just can't believe that many people here in Florida could handle an "Ivan". I can't help but be distraught for those people. I'm afraid we may have a mass exodus here.
But the most beautiful and heart warming thing for me has been the posts here and on the TTMB. When the electricity was up I would quickly go to the 2 boards and read the messages. Then I would shut down fast to avaid a power surge.
Family, I cried as I read your messages of concern and reassurance. How blessed I am to have such a loving family surrounding me.
I called Eric and Sven to my computer to see your messages of strength. They, too, were overwhelmed.
Sven is outside now cutting away branches that are to the ground. I'm going to ask the boys to take some photos so I can post them.
All I can say to Mont and all my 2CoolFishing family is .... God Bless You Everyone!
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