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Took the day off. Its a cool 63 and rainy here in NC. The garden is winding down, but still producing late season "maters'. Okra is still producing but it likes HOT weather so it is slowing.

I have second growth on cantalopes and watermelons and have had some of the second growth cantalopes. I may have a couple watermelons if we dont have an early frost. We expect frost by the last week in Oct but have on rare occasions had it as early as Oct 3.

I'm gearing up for a trip to Cape Hatteras Oct 21 but hope not to run into a Nor'Easter like this past Wed there...

This is what we really want when we fish...

Once we get back, I'll put out deer corn and focus on some getting a shot at putting some venison in the freezor. We'll grill out even on the coldest days of the year and enjoy the grilled fish and the veggies from the garden we froze.

All this I give thanks to God for letting me enjoy his creation. After all, He is the Author and Finisher of it all.

And many thanks to all of you, for your thought and prayers, as it has only been 3 years (10-28-05) since I was facing kidney surgery and unsure about life as I had known it. I am still 90% of what I was before...having lost only a few steps due to normal aging :)

Ya'll check in and post a note, especially Drumbo, AJ, Elsie & Don, and Dave the boomerang boy.


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Yo Fishman-check in

Yo Fishman..........

You are the Master Gardener of the South. We are about done here in the land of the North country but our little plot produced alot of maters, peppers, squash and that one that starts with "Z ." (can't spell the rest)

Hope that your long awaited trip to "The Banx" is full of great weather and much good fishing. I know that you and sheila have long awaited a trip, but like all of us have fallen victims to the Gas prices. We are planing a vacation there for next year and hope we can meet up with Y'all for some North Carolina fishing lessons and a trip to the "Mad Hatter."

The Jersey shore in is now producing some stripers along with alot of Blues.
We hope to get over in nov. to try our luck. It is still alittle early for the big Stripers as the water temp is still in the high 60,s Hopefully some cold weather will bring the water temps down soon.

Will do the implant procedure next Fri and hopfully that will go well and i can get on with my life. Prayer from y'all will be greatfuly apreciated.

Well that about covers it from the Land Of Pennsylvania so now lets hear from the rest of the troops............
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