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I didnt hear of two houston guys but i did hear that captin charlie newton is doing better after his hospital stay for the same thing. here is a letter about his condition and a fund raiser to help his situation...

Hello and greetings to all. Many of you know or have worked directly with or beside my parents Charles and Beverly Newton. I am writing to inform you, those who do not know yet that my dad, Capt. Charles Newton is finally out of the hospital and home now. He had gotten salt water poisoning also known as VibrioVulnificus 7 (the flesh eating bacteria) in his arm. The doctor has told us that if he would have waited a few hours longer he would have lost his arm and possibly his life. Pretty scary stuff! He has undergone three surgeries in the past week in order to remove and reconstruct the affected area on his arm (from the wrist to the elbow). We are very thankful that he will recover eventually and be able to fish again. The only problem is that he will be forced to be out of the water and guiding for 6-12 weeks, maybe longer. As many of you who guide full time for a living know that the summer is the busy season and how being off work for an extended period of time would wreak havoc on your finances. Especially when that is the sole source of income and budgeted carefully for the winter. To compound the financial burden, my mom, Beverly Newton, has been in the hospital 3 times for a total of 35 days and undergone major colon surgery. At this time her business Antlers Horns Etc. has been put on hold to allow both of them to recover. Also a few months back my dad slipped in the boat and broke 2 ribs and was off a few weeks with that to recover. My parents have worked hard for what they have and I don't want to see them lose everything so I am organizing a fundraiser to assist with not only the medical bills (which are massive) but monthly expenses as well. Four years ago when my dad had open heart surgery several people volunteered to organize a fund raiser at that time and we were very appreciative but declined the offer, I truly feel that the time has come to extend a helping hand. I am planning a BBQ, auction and raffle to be held at the GI Forum on Saturday, August 28th from 6:00 - 10:00 pm. You are invited to attend. The tickets will be a $10 donation which includes the dinner, auction and raffle. You can call me if you would like to purchase or can sell any tickets. If you can donate any items or services that can be used in this fundraiser it would be greatly appreciated. Of if you would like to donate any money, it would be graciously accepted. All the money will go directly to them both donated and raised. Any donations can be mailed to or dropped of at my house 1214 Mallard Drive, Rockport, TX 78382. (West Terrace) If you aren't able to help at this time I understand, but please consider one of these options, they really need this. I can be reached almost anytime at (361) 729-0636 or on my cell at (361) 386-0461. Thank you for your time, Chelcie & Darrell Oliver 1214 Mallard Drive Rockport, TX 78382 (361) 729-0636
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