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Great story from my youth:

The girl across the street had been dating a boy for about 2 years. The young man was running late to pick her up for a party one evening and came flying up to the house and honked his horn. She got up and her daddy said "You can just sit right back down with your mother" and got up from his chair.

He then went outside to the "beer fridge" and grabbed a 6-pak. He took his tasty beverages in hand and went out to the front and climbed into the car.

He then told the young man that he appreciated him comming by and taking him out for the night, asking where they were headed...

The young man appologised, saying he was there to pick up his daughter and was running late. The dad then explained "if you want to take my daughter out, you come to my door and look me in the eyes. If you honk, you get me."

He then had the boy drive him around for 5 hrs and never shared a single one of his tasty "daddy cokes". The boy never honked for his date again.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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