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I headed out to Maxwell with my little huntin' buddy to do a combo dove and hog hunt Saturday evening 9/20/08. Wind was pretty stout from the east and the dove were flying high and fast. It was pretty rough going for the first hour until we went down to the lake. For the last hour of hunting light we were attached by kamikaze, feral dove. My little buddy killed 4 with his 28 gage. I was pretty proud of him.

At dark we eased up to our chairs overlooking feeder 1. At about 9 my little buddy asked about dinner. He wanted "real" food. So we walked to the truck and headed to the Valero in Maxwell. Got him some food and returned to the ranch. As we were walking toward our chairs we both smelled fresh hog urine on the road. While waiting at the ambush spot he looked up at the stars through the night vision monocular and was once again astonished at the number of stars visible. You can see about 100 more stars with the NVD for ever one star you can see with the naked eye. It is quite impressive. We observed a satellite as it passed over head. Those things are really moving…like 3x faster than a plane.

At 10pm a hog came toward the feeder. I hoped up and put the scope on him. He just stopped and presented me with a perfect shot. I didn't wait. One shot and he was dancing in the dirt. After pictures and butchering we headed home. The front hams were kinda torn up from the shot so I discarded those. But the remainder of the dressed out hog weighed in at 55 pounds. I'm estimating he was 150 pounds on the hoof.

On the way home I got to meet the local DPS officer who was working the area since there are several bars near by. Since was only going a couple of miles over the speed limit…he issued me a warning because his real purpose was looking for drunks. He asked it I had been drinking. I showed him my half full Ozarka bottle of water to which he reacted…"I mean alcohol." I hadn't had a drop so he did his paperwork and I was on my way.
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