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Catching a Giant Sawfish with Capt. Ahab and Capt. Nick Stanczyk in the Florida Keys

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Here is a short VIDEO of my fish of a lifetime! This is a fish I have wanted to catch since I was a youngster and knocked it off the list last week while fishing with my good friend Capt. Nick Stanczyk... Hope everyone likes the video its not too long... You can check out Capt. Nick by visiting our website at www.boobytrapfishingteam.com and scroll down to the bottom of the home page to book a trip! This is prob the coolest catch I have ever made and what a great time! Thanks Capt. Ahab/ Brett Holden Get Tight Suckas!
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I kinda consider that a billfish....how many types of bills do you have left to get em all under your belt?
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Thats funny... Thanks guys for the replies.. I like fishing for anything really.. Going to hit the sunperch this afternoon with the little man :mpd:.. Sun Perch again with little man at Rory's crawfish boil Saturday.. Then off Swordfihing Sunday LOL.. I think as a bill fish that one ended my serch for all the spiecies over the years :)... That thing did have a nasty swing I would hate to see what a hit from that bill would look like..

I think Swordfish bill artist Dan Matthews could cut himself just painting that bill LOl..

Thanks again everyone for the replies I keep watching the viseo my self everyday :).. Capt. Ahab
I think you got at least one more to go good buddy :rotfl:


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