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Casting Reels

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I am looking at starting to expand my surf fishing equipment cache.

I notice that most people seem to start with small reels and start to buy bigger ones after they get spooled by a freight train or two. I figure that I might as well skip the first step and skip the frustration.

What I am curious about is what are the biggest reels you can cast effectively. I do not have a kayak so I will be casting all baits.
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Starting Casting

A big casting rod and reel combo is 12-ft Tica or Ocean Master rod with a Diawa SL40 or Penn GS545 reel. Load reel with 25# mono with 30-ft of 60 to 100# test abrasion leader (depending on casting weight).

This will handle nearly 100# shark from the surf.

My favorite surf rod is a 10-ft 6" Breakway with a ABU 6500 CSM. I use 15# test with a tapered 17 to 70# shockleader to cast FishBites, Lures and finger mullet for fish up to a bull red. I use a Penn 525Mag or others a Diawa SL20 with 17 to 20# test on this same rod for 50 to 100# fish.

I think you will better enjoy the lighter 10-6 and Sl20 reel for a starting application and then move up to the heavier rod and reel.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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