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Casting Reels

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I am looking at starting to expand my surf fishing equipment cache.

I notice that most people seem to start with small reels and start to buy bigger ones after they get spooled by a freight train or two. I figure that I might as well skip the first step and skip the frustration.

What I am curious about is what are the biggest reels you can cast effectively. I do not have a kayak so I will be casting all baits.
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I have 3 12' OceanMasters. One with a Penn 3/0, one with a Daiwa 50HSD, and one with an Okuma convector. I would have no problem with a 4/0 or 4/0 wide and I am gonna try a 6/0wide on them. Gundoc is right about the brass spools. I had a 6/0 with a brass spool Igot rid of cause it casted like ****. I used to have a Daiwa 400H that casted every bit as good as my 50HSD. There a many, many choices out there. The 555GS that GD mentioned is also an awesome reel.
I could cast my brass spooled 6/0 around 40yds with good conditions and a 8oz weight(usually got about 30). I am gonna get a couple of 6/0 wides as soon as I can afford to. I can't wait to see what I can do with them with magging and a little practice.
309's are **** good reels, I prefer to remove the level wind though. I have a 10' UglyStik and I love it. In fact I can still cast it better than my 12' OM's. Unfortunately I havn't got to fish with my OM's near enough yet.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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