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Casting Reels

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I am looking at starting to expand my surf fishing equipment cache.

I notice that most people seem to start with small reels and start to buy bigger ones after they get spooled by a freight train or two. I figure that I might as well skip the first step and skip the frustration.

What I am curious about is what are the biggest reels you can cast effectively. I do not have a kayak so I will be casting all baits.
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If you are on a budget a 10 or 12' ugly stick rod works well. They work well with wide spool reels. I put a 6/0 on a 10 and it handled the weight and bait very nice. But breakaway is my favorite rod right now. I also threw a 9/0 on the 10 ugly stick just to see if it was possible. They are very stiff. But get the rods and reels you can handle.
I have seen those Tsunami rods. The one i was going to get was 10' and very thin. It was very heavy but light. The 12' all-star is what im getting for my my 9/0
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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