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Okay. First, is my Xray xb8ec, with a novarossi Plus 21-5k motor, with 2 futaba 9351 servos on it, including is a jp3 pipe. I have extra Parts to this car But that is seperate, pm for details. The motor has about 2-3 gallons ran through it, its runs great. The car is in good condition, but a lil dirty at the moment, but i will be cleaning it up, everything works on it. all you need is your electronics in it, and your good to go. pm for price.

Next is novarossi Plus 21-7 port motor. it has about 9 gallons through it, and has had a pinch and has had the front and rear bearings replaced. I am only asking $80 for it.

Here is a 12tz with a slide carb, it has only been through a breakin, it has never been on the track or street. It is basically brand new. Im asking $100 for it.

Next is a revo with an 18tm os motor, no electronics, it has been on the track a couple of times, but not with the motor. the motor is also broken is, but never raced, maybe has been on the street 4 times, The only problem it has is that it wont shift into second gear, i could nvr get it to shift, its has upgrades like the extended a-arms, and other stuff that i forget, pm for details and price.

Now last, is my Jammin Truggy. the only problem it has the Rear shocks. they need to be rebuilt, it has a one peice engine mount, im selling it as a roller, it has grp tires on it, but i forget which ones. it has been raced 3 or 4 times by myself, and not sure by the previous owner, Im only asking $80 for it.

If anyone want to buy, or has any questions just pm me or email me at: [email protected]
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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