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nasakid said:
Went down with a buddy after work yesterday. Started with a pint of shrimp each about a half mile west of the carbodies. First cast had a 16" keeper spec. Caught lots of dinks, and 3 keepers. Buddy caught 1 keeper. Lots of fish, but not very many big ones. Lost a couple keepers due to bad hookups. They would hit it and run straight for the shoreline. I threw topwaters for about 30 minutes with one blowup. It knocked the lure out of the water about a foot high! Water was smooth until about 7:30PM, and the wind turned SE, and it got a little choppy. Still 1-2' waves, tho. Water was crystal green West of SLP, but sandy East of the pass. We filleted 2 of the trout and grilled them up with olive oil and Tony's right there on the beach after we were done. Beautiful pinkish-red sunset and fresh grilled trout! You can't beat them apples!:brew:
Good going ! That's the best way to eat fish... fresh and on the beach.
What kind of topwater were you chunking at them?
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