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Fishing has began picking up, the fronts are doing what they are supposed to do now, such as flushing the guts and pouring the bait out of them into predator territory " such as you and I ". If the bait ain't there move, no need to fish in the dead sea, if it's there stay, don't leave fish to find fish. Find you a live pocket, what I mean by that is preferable a gut that goes deep in the marsh. Bait will flush in and out of these zones as the tides fluctuate. Brown devil tail lures have been my goto "plum/truce , and a Corky in the mix. I've been slowing down my retrieve some, flushing up mud clouds on the bottom so they'll catch some attention with a 1/8 oz jighead. January, February and March are my true Trophy Trout and Redfish months, and I'm expecting a good outcome out of them, so if ya wanna go chase some Trophy fish with me give me a shout. I'll show you my tactics this time of year, and will definately show ya a great time and a learningful experience. This time of year I'll be putting in at Sargant Tx, so for you Houston fellas, "it'll be close". Good Luck , and thank you all for looking. Sorry for a few weeks without reports, I've had the Flu and it kicked my [email protected]#, I'll be out of town Christmas week, but be looking for more reports when I get back.
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