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Canyon Lake Area

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Well since our good friend Ike ruined my Galveston vacation we have
decided to go to the Canyon Lake area.Never fished around here need
some advice and suggestions. Will be staying at Silverleaf Resorts
Plan on fishing the Guadalupe in the state park and the lake. No boat
so it will be bank or wading.Any ideas on what to fish for or where to go and what to use.
Have a pretty good asst of bass tackle and lures. Anything special we might
need ??
as always Thanks for any info

God Bless
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I lived down there for a couple of years, south side of the lake. Fished both the lake & the river depending on the time of year.

When you going? If it's later in the year you can fish for rainbow & brown trout in the river. TU stocks some nice trout down there, personal best going 3 1/2lbs. 21" long. Wade fish between the 2nd & 4th crossing for the bigger ones. Stay in the water as the landowners will call in on you if you trepass on their land. Plenty of places to rent a kayak, same places will sell you a day pass for access.

Fishing should be pretty good on the lake this time of year. I had good luck with spinnerbaits for bass & occasionally catching cats on them too. Any lure that's white/chartruese that looks like a shad will work. Buy a map at any of the corner stores for park locations. Smallmouth hang out on the steep banks on the southshore.

Good luck,
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Thanks guys !! Headed out next mon am for 4 days is this too early for
the trout lunkerman ?
Any trout that are left will be up towards the dam in deep water now. Rainbows can not survive in water temps above 70 degrees & that's the place were the water will be cool enough for them to live. The problem fishing in that area now tho is all the toobers. You'd have to fish very early in the morning to avoid them.

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