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Calling Monty Weeks, you make the call

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I think we should think about our Double Bayou Gathering....... Lets just watch the storm till tomorrow, then you make the call..... I can't belive this **** came up this weekend, the Burgers on the bay, and the dang bike rally all **** up.... It's been great weather for three months, but when we plan sompthin the **** hits the fan.... I am very upset, and my attitude ain't right at this moment.....
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Well hmmm

Looks like we may get wet. I was supposed to work Sat but had scheduled a day off. Looks like I might save that day for another time and go ahead and work. Fishing is gonna be real tough with the water way up on the shorelines and the forecasted 5-7" of rain over the next two days aint gonna help. Yall be careful in galveston, hope this thing doesnt stall on top of us like they said is a possibilty last night. Some idiot from Harris County Flood Control actually seemed to hint that he wished it would stall just so they could see if thier new flood plan works. What an idjit! Hope he is wrong and this thing hits moving 14 mph and never stops, also lets pray it hits during low tide or we may have some serious flood prob's.

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