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Calling Monty Weeks, you make the call

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I think we should think about our Double Bayou Gathering....... Lets just watch the storm till tomorrow, then you make the call..... I can't belive this **** came up this weekend, the Burgers on the bay, and the dang bike rally all **** up.... It's been great weather for three months, but when we plan sompthin the **** hits the fan.... I am very upset, and my attitude ain't right at this moment.....
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StacyW said:
%#@$!(*&%^$#@! %$#@!&*^%$### and another thing %$#@#@#$%^& this weather!!!!!!!!!

Can't you be a little more descreptive? :rotfl:
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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