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Calling Monty Weeks, you make the call

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I think we should think about our Double Bayou Gathering....... Lets just watch the storm till tomorrow, then you make the call..... I can't belive this **** came up this weekend, the Burgers on the bay, and the dang bike rally all **** up.... It's been great weather for three months, but when we plan sompthin the **** hits the fan.... I am very upset, and my attitude ain't right at this moment.....
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StacyW said:
%#@$!(*&%^$#@! %$#@!&*^%$### and another thing %$#@#@#$%^& this weather!!!!!!!!!

ROTFLMAO.... you go girl......and BTW, I agree 100%
Thanks for the edit Mont, I was kinda ashamed when I read my post this morning... sorry to put you to the trouble Bro.....
Lets not pull the plug on the gathering yet.... This storm is wimpy and we should be ok by afternoon Sat..... Even if we just eat a burger and have a couple cold ones.....

Who's with me ??????
Bigwater said:
I think you're right! It's woosin out. Looks like a high pushing it East a bit.
You might get to bite that burger after all. I wouldn't call it till tomorrow. By then you'll know for sure.

Told ya it was a wussie storm, and so are the weather forecasters..... I will be there by 3:30......

Just ask Darrell @ Eyewitness weather.....
1 - 6 of 23 Posts
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