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I have a Calcutta 400 that's over 10 years old and still going strong!:biggrin: However, I may need a few items to get it back to feeling new.

1. The drag goes from loose to locked down with no in between, so I guess I need new drag washers. Are there Dartanium washers available for this model?

2. I have been through 4 of those plastic handle nut caps (they always break by the screw). Will the metal caps that are found on some of the other Calcuttas fit that reel?

3. I am thinking about putting new bearings in it. Would it benefit me to replace the bushing on the spool and replace it with a ball bearing?

4. Is there anything else you might recommend I can do for this oldie but goody?


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We will upgrade the drag washers to the Dartanium design at no charge for you. This also consists of a better cast control cap design that uses an O-ring to seal out water.

We do not recommend use of the metal style cap for the Calcutta 400. We have seen issues with the handle shaft breaking off with extreme pressure. This is why the 400B model retaines this design. The 400B model nut cap might be better for you as the plastic is much better quality than before.

We do not offer a bearing that has the same dimensions as the bushing on the spool shaft. If you can find a bearing that will match then by all means upgrade :) Personally I like the bushing because it never corrodes in saltwater. The maintenance is simple, just add a drop of oil to it every few trips to keep it qiuet.

I recommend that you have the reel professionaly serviced at some point. We can certainly make that 400 feel like new again for you.
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