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I recently had a problem with the push button for the free spool locking up/not working and took it to a guy at a local sporting goods store that supposedly knows how to work on Shimanos, but I don't think he is an "authorized service rep." He told me that all that was wrong was the "spring" on the push button needed to be replaced and he would order the parts from a Shimano dealer in Dallas (I think Southwest Parts). Well, a week or so went by and the part came in and he thought he had it fixed and when he handed it to me, the first time I engaged the free spool, it took about three turns of the handle before it engaged the gears so that the spool would turn. We tried it several times after that and sometimes it would work and sometimes it wouldn't. He said there must be something else wrong with it and that he would have to check it out.

I was telling one of my buddies about it recently, and he said he had the same problem with one of his Calcutta 700's and the dealer he sent it to (that was an authorized Shimano dealer) said that it was a warrantable problem and replaced the reel. In fact, I noticed on the recent schematics that the Calcutta 700's don't even have the push button anymore, and I was wondering if this was why?

I called the guy that is working on my reel and told him about it and he said he would call Shimano to see if there was a recall on this problem, but he said the dealer he called had never heard of that being recall. Have you had any experience with this being a problem? This reel was only used 20-25 times before the button broke.

My question is what should I do from here? Let they guy continue working on it or get it back from him and send it off to Shimano to address the problem?
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