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Was in Cabo from 10/16-23. Caught 9 striped marlin in two days. Two caught on lures. 7 on live bait. The captain would sight fish for them. Run the boat up on them feeding or jumping and then pitch a bait to them. Saw 2-3x more than we were able to catch. Saw 'em schooling, feeding, jumping. It was frankly amazing. Cost for this? $500/day. Included everything. License, lunch, beer, water, soda, bait, and one helluva good time.

We used jcsportfishing.com. Jerry Chapman is the owner. We chartered the Bob Marlin. 29 foot single screw. The crew was awesome and let us do as much or little as we wanted. Let us fish however we wanted. It was wonderful. I highly, highly recommend them. here are some pics (assuming I can get them on here in this post).

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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