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We were in the galleria part of town shopping and went by this place called The Firkin and the Phoenix it's a english pub and they have a lot of filling food kinda like Chili's and Bennigan's, Well we went in and to our suprise the pub was really nice and CLEAN! This place was pretty cool it had 7 flat screen tv's and all the type of beer you could want. During our meal the manager came by and asked us how was everything? and told us about a special they were having on 790 am they have a comercial for "buy one get one lunch free" and he said if we tell the waiter this he will give us the discount. That was pretty cool fo the manager and I tought I would return thr favor and tell yall about it. But if your in that part of town you can't beat " buy one get on free"

Remember you must tell the waiter you heard it on 790 am and it's only good till 7-31-07

here is thier link : http://www.firkinandphoenix.com/v1/

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