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I finally did it. Parked on the seawall and threw out my surf rods right from the side walk on top the seawall. I have always wanted to do that and be successful. We were down past 61 st Pier of course on the seawall with the rod holders set up in the back of the truck. We got 2 Bull Reds. Reeled them right to the stairs that go down and just grabed the leader. It was neat . Hurricane Wall Fishing at its finest. It would be neat for the water to be that high all the time, it would give surf fishing a whole new meaning.


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I had a cop stop us from doing that about 1970...It is hard to imagine that Galveston
has gotten less strict since then. You may want to check before you try that again...
Fishing is fun but not worth heafty ticket...Let me know what you find out....
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