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Ed, I have never heard that fiberglass is the way to go, but there may be some validity to that.

I think the most important thing to look for is what will keep you from getting tired so quickly - working tops is a chore and can wear you out.

I would look for something as light as possible. The Loomis rods will fit this bill. I also think length is not important. Even in the surf since most of the time, the structure for trout is close to the beach. I have heard of some topwater anglers using rods as short as 5.5 feet. The shorter length will help to keep you going a lot longer.

This is just hear-say since I am not a topwater expert. However, my trout rod is a loomis that is 6 .5 feet long. This is the one I use lures with. My other trout rod is 8 feet long. I have worked lures with it but I can tell a big difference in the two. I mostly use the longer rod for live bait fishing.

Hope this helps.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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