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Building a Stand/Blind

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I normally post on the Shark Fishing board, although I did post here last season and got some solid advice on purchasing my first rifle.

I'm on the prowl for some more information. I actually signed onto a lease for deer, hawg, and turkey. I need to build myself a stand. Anyone know of any good plans - posted on the web or emailed? I don't want to infringe on those that sell plans/blinds for a living, but if anyone can help out I sure would appreciate it.

I'm hoping I can build it at home, dissemble it, take it to the lease and re-assemble.

Thanks in advance
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I've seen some plans discussed in the forums at whitetaildeer.com. Good luck. Basically all you need is a 4x4 or 4x6 box on stilts and a chair, with window cutouts.
Do you need to be high in the air, a couple of feet off the ground, or on the ground level completely? So many ways to build it. If I was to build another blind, I would make it like a small house, with overhanging eves, real windows, a real door, steps up to a level area then more steps so not a steep climb, etc. Been using old blinds for years that haven't fallen down and dont want to rebuild unless I have to. Windows have no covers so I get rid of wasps, owls, and racoons before season. Door is warped plywood held closed by twisted wire. Seats one fine but two is very cramped. Go 4X8 size or bigger. :)

I like a 4x4 box blind out of 3/4" with shingled roof. Treated, they last about 10 years. Plywood not wafer board. I have one now I made out of a 48" diameter Fiberglass Manhole section, 6' tall. It is by far my favorite stand. All my others are old ones I patch up every year. Just get creative.

Started to build my blind this weekend. I opted to build one rather than buy one. I figured like so many times in the past it would be cheaper and a lot of fun for my daughter and son.

Yup, once ya' start bringing home the plywood and hinges and 2x4s it begins to rapidly add up. Once I bumped over the 100.00 mark, money was no object. The neighbours all came by and gave their 5 cents worth. So now I have the most over-built blind you have ever seen. I'm sure it can withstand a force-five hurricane.

Next weekend I'll add the plywood and paint. My thought is I will dissemble it, trailer it to the lease and then reassemble. I'll post pictures later.
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