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That Penn Long Beach is a great reel. I used them a lot fishing for huge grouper in the Arabian Gulf and they never let me down. We trolled with them, bottom fished and even surf casted (is casted a word???). Load those babies with 20# and you can go for whatever swims out there except maybe the beasties.

I like the snapper slappers and some of the others mentioned but the lure I always take out when things are slow is the Rapala Magnum 18 with the diving lip. My favorites are the green or blue mackerel colors. Some like the red and white but I've not had that much luck with them.

Another great lure is a tuna clone. That's a high-speed lure that we use when on the way out to the fishing grounds. More often than not we catch a nice ling or dorado with them. We've caught nice fish with those when going over 30mph. They also work well for tuna and sails.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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