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Bubba is always right.

I have never known him to be wrong on any important issue.
Now some here may be in the dark to many details but Bubba has the most uncanny grasp of this current socio-eco-polictical situation I have ever seen. You know he was once a Fellow At Large with the Rutherford Institute and in fact has not one but two master degrees.

His, and I hope he wont mind me saying so, his "Bubba" act is just that, an act.

So, if he says the larger picture with this gasoline situation has far reaching effects not only on the world's eco situation but also of concern with developing nations in the third world as to the fragile social and health structure of, say Asia or central Africa, thusly ultimately impacting the native population on those cultures above the Arctic Circle here to the point that organizations like the Trilateral commission and UNICIF via treaties will at some point dictake to the US ceratin invironmental policies I think he has a good foundation in this.

Bubba forecasts a chain of events that will decide the future of the global community and it's pressure on our fisheries, agricultural practices, out sourcing of bio industries and the world banking climate with in decades that, becoming a large part of our secondary school curriculum, even reinforcing humanism with in the US and World Council of Churches, that we will see Orwellian changes in the neutering of local government and the freedoms we now hold so dear.

What this means is, if we can afford gas to go fish it will do us little good. We wont be burning fosil fuels and we wont be pemitted on the beaches by the tree hugging Nazis that are climbing into that Trogan horse at out gates.

Solution? vote for Bush.
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