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Brown Patches in St. Augustine Grass?

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My back yard started forming brown patches recently and I can't figure out what is causing it. Some of the spots look like someone poured gas on them. The spots are very defined, dark brown, totally dead and dryer than a popcorn fart. Other areas are just slightly brown and/or the blades of grass are turning yellow. I dug up a few spots looking for grub worms but didn't find any. I then sprayed some fungus stuff on the yard from Lowes last month and it hasn't helped. Can anybody recommend a product that they have had positive results from? Please hurry because it's spreading to my front yard!
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I had chinch bugs. my neighbor (Howard) MR YARD to us folks showed me how to check for them. Cut out both ends of a coffee can, stomp it into the effected area, fill with water, and watch those lil things swim. Then get BUSY treating, they move yard to yard.Winter fertilized early this spring and our yard has made a come back from last year. YOU LIL CHINCH BUGS GOT TO GO. Bye Bye.
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