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Brown Patches in St. Augustine Grass?

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My back yard started forming brown patches recently and I can't figure out what is causing it. Some of the spots look like someone poured gas on them. The spots are very defined, dark brown, totally dead and dryer than a popcorn fart. Other areas are just slightly brown and/or the blades of grass are turning yellow. I dug up a few spots looking for grub worms but didn't find any. I then sprayed some fungus stuff on the yard from Lowes last month and it hasn't helped. Can anybody recommend a product that they have had positive results from? Please hurry because it's spreading to my front yard!
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Treat your yard with bug killer QUICK!!!!
Use two to three times the recommended dosage.

They will completely ruin your yard, and you'll have to spend BIG $$$ to replace it. IT WILL NOT COME BACK ON IT'S OWN!!!!!

If you act quickly, you'll be alright, but these bugs mean business. You need to treat your entire yard QUICK.

BTW, chinch bugs is not a Fall/ Winter problem. It's a dry, hot, summer problem. Ask my neighbor, his entire yard was lost to them last summer, costing thousands of dollars to replace. They got me too, but I treated immediately, and luckily didn't lose everything. My back yard no longer has St. Augustine grass anymore-- I guess the chinch bugs don't like the leftover bermuda that was mixed in... My back yard is now all bermuda.
Angler2407 said:
Save the Fung-away for October. If you do have any disease (which I have seen some with the rains) it will clear up as the lawn dries out.

Sounds like you have chinch bugs OR just drought stress. You don't need the coffee can to look for them. If they are there, you can see them scurrying about on the yellowing edges..

Treat your yard with bug killer QUICK!!!!
Use two to three times the recommended dosage.

Don't do this. Read the label and follow it. This is why you see more & more products up for elimination. Diazinon was showing up BIG TIME in Ft Worth's water supply years ago. They had to buy TV time to tell folks to quit using it. Now its gone too.

I have only seen a couple of bad cases so far this year. Both of them were down the street from Hulahopper in Spring Branch.
I was just stressing that these bugs are 100% detrimental to your yard, and they must be killed.....
You can use the recommeded dosage- it should work.
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