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I had a deer jump the string also at 20 yds... He was staring right at me as I was at full draw. I thought and figured he was too close to jump the string and when I released, it just so happened he placed the back of his head right where I was aiming at the chest on his drop and I ended up with a perfect head shot that dropped him in its tracks! My very first deer, all luck, and proud of it!

I shot a few deer after that one, One was at 50 yds, and the other about 40 yds, neither one knew the arrow was coming. One had a heart/lung shot and jumped on the hit, looked around, and went back to feeding until it wallow over. never knew it was hit.

The deer supposedly drop a full body length when getting ready to bolt. So you could compensate and aim low, but with my luck, the deer wont budge and the arrow will sail right under.
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