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Guys it's like this, about 6 months ago, my little friend from Cypress met me at the bow shop to help me pick a bow and all the goodies, I've been wanting to get into bow hunting for about the past 5 yrs., just never took the plunge, I've been slinging arrows everyday and practicing "perfect practice", my technique is simple:
1) Focus on the target
2) Draw
3) Anchor
4) Release

works for me, I've been consistently placing arrows in squares ,dots etc... on the target, well yesterday I bought a full bodied deer target, wow, talk about fun shooting, I took shots at the deer from different angles, sitting, standing, kneeling, crawling.... too much fun, hope everyone is safe this weekend, and don't forget to give praise to the good Lord for allowing us to be free in the great country and pursue these beautiful animals which he has blessed us with! LK
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