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Bogagrip vs Berkeley grip

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How do these two match up, toe to toe? Berkeley at $75 and Bogagrip at $120. Both weigh and hold but does corrosion play a factor in the Berkeley which requires a 9 volt battery? Is Boga worth the extra $35/
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No comparison , Boga is a precision instrument, they can be certified for a few more bucks!
I've got a berkley, but it is not the kind that requires any batteries. It operates just like the boga, but with a slightly different gripping mechanism. It works great for me while wading.
The ones I was comparing were at BPS and the Berkley had a digital readout, therefore needing a 9 volt battery. And my adding was off, there is $45 differential.

We used the Berkley the last two years in our Redfish Tournaments and have not had any problems. Of course with the digital, you can't wade or you better find a way to keep it dry. Gater
RedXCross said:
No comparison , Boga is a precision instrument, they can be certified for a few more bucks!
I agree.
I've only been using mine a few months, but they've been worry free.
I wade with mine and it's under water more than above while doing so.
If you are just using it to grab ahold the fish, "the fish gripper" is great, I use it on my Yak
The lip tool Rapala makes is pretty nice as well, and a little cheaper than the Boga.
If you wade, put a flotation device or tether on either one. They sink like a greased manhole cover. lol
Just Wondering What Are These Things What Do They Do
They are grips that allow you to take the fish out of the water without physically touching it. They also have built in scales.

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