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Went to Boca Grande Florida on Thur, Friday, and Saturday fishing with Capt. Pete Greenan. Had a great time.

Tarpon are back in the pass. Talked to some guys from houston that caught seveal in the pass. We fished the beach front and harbor for tarpon. Jumped about 5 tarpon on Saturday. Caught alot of snook, trout, and reds.

Used a fly rod for the first time ever. Capt. Pete taught me how to cast 50 to 60 feet in about 20 minutes. Ended up catching about 7 or 8 trout and spanish mackeral. It was really cool. Capt. Pete got his masters fly fishing license. He said only about 100 people in the U.S. have one. He a really good teacher, but don't go if your thin skinned.

Quote of the trip

Don't think, just do what I say, it hurts the team.

Great trip, learned several new fishing techniques. Can't wait to try them here in Texas.

Jimmy Durham

P.S. Cool boat Scott
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