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2coolers' I need help!
Sold my boat to a very nice group of fella's about Mid July. Paid off the boat and should have gotten the clean title to send to the buyers. I use Associated Credit Union, and they have been real good to me across about 5 years I have been with them, so bear that in mind.

According to the ACU, the original company I bought the boat from (Boatz)didn't finish the paperwork, so they didn't have a title on file with them as a lein-holder. When they looked into it with TPWD, they said they were listed as a leinholder, so they moved forward with getting it released by filing an expedited title to get me a clean title.

To boot, the guys that bought the boat are being rediculously understanding and I want to make sure I don't allow them to continue waiting if someone can help.


Does anyone work or know someone that works for TPWD at some level where they can help or at leat verify what the heck is going on?

Right now I am only getting updates through the bank. When I ask for emails or anything in writing I am told they will send me something as soon as they get off the phone, but have yet to get anything, sp I am seriously smelling some BS'ing going on.
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