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We have had around 40 2coolers stop in and sign our sheet. The weekend was pretty busy but as expected Monday was an exhibitor meeting as there were VERY few people.

We have quoted probably 30-40 boats with the same reaction....."Really? Wow! That's awesome!" We are happy we can lead the pack in product and price.... Looking forward to the rest of the show to see where we end up as this is our first show we've done. I feel confident we will be back.

Also, on our list of giveaway items....we are having a few other people pop in to help us add their product to the list. So the list of things to win is growing :) Sign in...it's free.

The show starts at 1pm but we will not be there until around 3pm. We have to catch up on binding policies for people in the early part of the day.

Stop by after that so we can meet you.

Take care,

Brice (booth 537 next to LMC)
AMI Insuranace/Charter Lakes
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