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Maybe this belongs in the TTMB forum, I don't know...

We keep our boat at Boat City in the San Leon area right on 146 south of 646. Wally has always been a really nice man, and I was very sorry to see their loss. The surge came up 5 feet and flooded their house, which is on the storage lot. Total loss. Hell, I felt bad even talking about an insurance claim on our **** recreational boat when the man's house was completely ruined.

Our boat was not in the covered storage and was outside in the lot. I had the plugs out, and the front and back buckled/strapped to the trailer. The surge pushed our boat/trailer 15+ feet to a chain link fence, where it now sits. It is sort of on top of one boat that must have drifted 50+ feet with its trailer, and is also under an offshore cabin cruiser type boat. Neither of the other boats look like they've been used in over 5 years.

My question is that if the owners of the other two boats aren't likely to come move or salvage their boats, what am I supposed to do about ours? It will take a crane or a very large tow truck and strap to pull the offshore boat off ours. My truck can pull the other boat out of the way, but I don't know what the protocol is for causing further damage for a piece of property already destroyed is. I believe the short answer is to let Progressive sort all of this out. I'm betting that with all the other claims in the area it will be next spring before we're even considering getting back on the water.
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