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We hadn't been out in the boat in awhile so we grabbed a pint of shrimp at the bait camp and gave it a go early morning. Knew the bite would probably be better this evening, but just had the itch. Tried the causeway looking for one of those tagged reds and nada. Decided to head over to Pelican Isle Bridge, then behind Seawolf Park.

All we had to show for our trouble was some small croaker, pin fish and sand trout ... but it was still early.
Hmmm, big bait :idea: , so next stop the North Jetty boat cut. Looked like a convention out there but didn't see much action on any of the boats. We spotted a pod of Dolphin working seaward along the jetting and took our cue from there. Let's call it a nice boat ride and go warm up some left over brisket for sanwiches! Sure was nice to spend the last of the holiday on the water.

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