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Boat lift repair needed

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I have a boat stuck in a wet lift in freeport and I'm looking for someone who repairs boatlifts in that area. The area has no power now but I was told it might be back this week. I took a generator down there Sunday and tried to get it down but the lift motors are locked up. If you know of a boat lift repair company that works in the area let me know. Thanks, Scott 281-507-3956
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David Pope did a great job upgrading/repairing mine this summer. He is on the San Bernard and I am sure he works in Freeport. His company is Docks and Decks 979 798 6251. Good Luck, SD
Talked to a guy who owns a boat lift company and he advised that you must ground your generator in order to power a boat lift. Something about the GFI safeguards - a boat lift will throw them on your generator every time unless it is grounded.
I still looking for someone who does this kind of work. I need two new boatlift motors. I called David and he put me on his list but I think he has a long list. Any leads would be appreciated.
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