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anybody hear of this? where did this happen?

GALVESTON -- Bolivar firefighters today cut through the bottom of an overturned boat to rescue an injured man trapped in an air pocket, the U.S. Coast Guard said.

The man was flown by Coast Guard helicopter to the University of Texas Medical Branch here with serious head and body injuries, a Coast Guard spokesman said.

Two other men were thrown from the boat when it struck a line extending from a dredging barge. They were taken by boat to the Galveston Coast Guard station where an ambulance was waiting to transport them to UTMB.

The pair did not appear to be injured, authorities said. Their 20-foot pleasure craft struck a dredge pipe in use by the dredge boat Edward Fisher, whose captain notified the Coast Guard at 11:17 a.m.

The boat collided with the dredge line just outside the buoys that mark the Ship Channel where the Intercoastal Waterway enters the Bolivar Peninsula.

The injured man and his companions were not identified by the Coast Guard.

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Hope everyone is okay. Dredge pipe is bad news. A few years ago I hit a section head-on; it looked like a floating trash/grass rip. Lucky for us my buddy and I weren't injured or thrown from the boat. And my lower unit was still intact.

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Thanks to 2cool we just found out that this was my nephew that was trapped under the boat. My husband just called his brother and it looks like he is going to be OK -- just really banged up. This could have turned out really bad. The other guys are banged up too but not as bad. Keep them in your prayers.

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Man rescued from overturned boat

By Ben Tinsley
The Daily News

Published August 5, 2007

PORT BOLIVAR - Emergency crews worked desperately Saturday to free a man who was trapped inside an overturned boat near Bolivar Point for nearly two hours.

The 30-year-old man was one of three passengers on a 23-foot pleasure craft that flipped when it hit dredge piping about 11:15 a.m., said Petty Officer Nathan Sturtz of the U.S. Coast Guard.

The trapped man, whose name was not immediately available, was inside the cabin.

He was freed about 12:50 p.m. and taken to the hospital by helicopter.

His injuries are not believed to be life-threatening, Sturtz said.

Two rescue boat crews from the Coast Guard station in Galveston, a helicopter crew from Fire Station Houston and the Crystal Beach and Port Bolivar fire departments responded.

The accident happened at the Intracoastal Waterway at Bolivar Point.

"The fire department had to cut a hole through the hull of the vessel to get the man out so he could be taken immediately to the hospital," Sturtz said.

As soon as rescuers got to the scene, they pulled two men from the water. Those men suffered minor injuries.

All were taken to the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, and were in good condition late Saturday, reports state.

The boat was heavily damaged.

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It sure is good news that these guys came out of this alive! Injuries heal and boats can be replaced and repaired. Thank god for the rescuers and the outcome! I think that hitting something unseen under the water is probably my worst fear when boating. I try to take my time learning a new area, watch my GPS, etc. But you just don't ever know what's out there. We bumped an underwater cable or something in the Eagle Point area once, and came away okay, but I never saw what it was. Almost had a coronary when I felt/heard it though! And my nerves were raw for the rest of the trip.

Were these guys running somewhere that they shouldn't have? Is there any markers or warning that something like this is near, or should it be obvious?

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Once I know the whole story and it's OK to tell I'll post it up. I do know he was thrown into the cuddy cabin of the boat and knocked out and then the boat capsized before his buddies could get him out of the cuddy cabin. That's how he ended up stuck under the boat.

My nephew has a cast pretty much down his whole right side and a bunch of broken ribs and some kind of hole in his head. Looks like he's going to be off work for awhile but at least they are all alive. Like you said -- material things can be replaced, lives can't.

After reading all the latest boating incidents, I have been adamant about everyone wearing their PFD while running and whoever is running the boat has to wear the kill switch. It's a small price to pay for everyone's safety and believe it or not IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU.
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